Sunday Morning

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After extensive scientific research I conclude that the only people out and about on a Sunday morning are (in random order and quantity):

  • Runners
  • Cyclists
  • Babies
  • Dogs (not cats)





One of the best running belts.


I recently got myself a new running belt. I run with the excellent SPI belt but in some cases I just needed to carry more stuff so I looked around and found the Jurek Essentials Waist Pack by Ultimate Direction.

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.23.21 PM

A running belt should have 2 things to qualify for that limited spot in my running gear drawer…

  1. Enough space to carry the essentials, all of course depending on what essential is and that varies for a 10k run to a marathon. A race or a fun run.
  2. It should not bounce when running

The Jurek ticks the above and has a few extra features that make all the difference.

  • It weighs only 57g
  • Zipped sweat resistant pocket for a Phone (with case)
  • A second zipped pocket for the extra stuff I was talking about
  • Velcro pocket for keys, money and driving license.
  • Adjustable Race Bib clips

Comes in two colours, grey black for the serious look and citron teal for a more casual outing.

A- for the Jurek. If it only had a few gel loops…