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Fun run and new shoes

Today was my first run after last Sundays Marathon. I felt I had recovered by Wednesday but I was too busy to fit in any running and a few more recovery days would only do good I did not stress too much about it.

So today was my first easy fun run to test my new shoes. I decided to go for the NB 1400v2. They look fast so they should be fast too! And they are…at an easy pace the shoes are comfortable but nothing out of the ordinary   till you start to accelerate and suddenly tiny wings come out of the sides and turbo boost is activated!

I think they are the perfect summer shoes for short fast runs. They have a slightly tight toe box so for long distance runs they might be a bit uncomfortable. Will give them a try and see if they stretch out a bit after some runs.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 10.08.29 AM


But the big question still lies ahead…which should my next big race be? A 10k pb? my 10th marathon? where? when?

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Alexander the Great Marathon. Done.

So I did it!

Completed my 9th long distance race with a PB and as they say it doesn’t get easier, it gets faster. I could not have gone a second faster although my training was well tailored to push my abilities and aim for the target.

3:47 to run the Alexander the Great Marathon in Thessaloniki. From Pella to the centre of Thessaloniki, the White Tower.

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 8.23.35 PM

The 500km of training were enjoyable pushing me to my limits without injuries or burnouts and I thank my coach for that.

My target time was actually 3:40 or less but I’m still happy with the overall result. 406th out of 1127 finishers. It seems that most runners had a hard time since even the elite runners were slower that the previous years.

Under 3:40 seems like a target too fast for me and I hate the idea of training to beat it once again. I want my next marathon to be a fun run. No stress just fun. And boy was I stressed yesterday!

The event was well organised but clearly on a budget since its only a small race although being advertised as an international race the main focus and money is spent on the popular 10 and 5k distances.


Weather, not sure if it was good or not. Downpours till five mins before the start with not a single drop after. Just head winds to make things slightly more challenging.

Cheering crowds? zero marks there for Thessaloniki, especially if compared to the Athens Classic.

No marathon can be complete without the odd runner going the “extra mile” as they say.



And the best part of all, a freaking huge medal! I love my medals and this is the mother of all, suits my PB too.


I’m a medal slut with my private bling display. Do you show off your?

*note to myself, don’t travel again alone, it is no fun.


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Ready to GO!

Went for my last run before Sunday’s Marathon. A quick 20 min. I’ve been carb loading and drinking for 2 since Monday and really wondered if it would make any difference…..and it freaking seems to!

I did some sprints and I was on fire! The rest of my body had to keep up with my legs!


I’m officially ready and good to go…




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Marathon day refuelling